The Interactive Jewish Education Centre (TIJEC) serves the physical and spiritual needs of children. Participants in our programs are youngsters under the age of Bar/Bat Mitzvah from backgrounds spanning the spectrum of levels of Jewish education and commitment to Jewish affiliation, without regard to social and economic status.

TIJEC spearheads the trend to revive Jewish identity in children and provide them with a Jewish education through informal and entertaining programs, modern cutting edge teaching methods, first-class publications and personal encounters.

With help from leading members of the Jewish community, TIJEC has launched the building campaign for a Jewish Children’s Museum in Ontario. Through the hands-on and multi-media exhibits, the Museum will be the perfect setting for children of all faiths to learn about Jewish culture, history and heritage.

Enrollment in TIJEC and following its program of increasing in Jewish Education and performance of acts of kindness, prepares today’s children for a seamless transition into adulthood, ensuring continuity of time-honored Jewish values and traditions.