Wine Making Workshop



The Workshop

The wine making workshop is an exciting new workshop created by Tzivos Hashem.

Children select grapes and place them into a grape crusher. After crushing, the crushed grapes are placed into a wine press to extract the remaining juice. The juice is then filtered and poured into a carboy or barrel for storage. The children end the workshop by sampling the freshly squeezed grape juice.


Participants learn the significance of wine and its use during holidays or mitzvot. They also learn the related laws pertaining to its production. 

Audience Size 
Ideal group size approximately 40- 50 participants.   


Mainly on tour from Tu BeShvat until Pesach.

Presentation Duration

Standard presentation is 50 Minutes.  

Age Group

The Wine Making workshop can be modified and presented to the very young and the young at heart. The recommended age group is from Grade 3 or older but can be modifies for yunger as well.


Set up

Two 8ft. Table for presentation at the front of the room.