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Photo Album

A re-enactment of the biblical story of the Exodus. Pesach comes to life.
The Jewish Children's Expo has trsveled the globe and attracted over 150,000 visitors. It depot in Toronto attracting 2,500 visitors.
In preparation for Rosh Hashanah children come face-to-face with the fascinating world of the honeybee as they peek inside a real honeybee hive and watch how real honey is made.
Lag Baomer traditionally celebrated in Israel and in many Jewish Communities with bon fire and outdoor activities was celebrated with fun and exciting rides, shows and game booths.
The Shofar Factory teaches children about the famous Mitzvah of blowing the Shofar. Children view a display of different Shofars from various animals and craft their own shofar while practicing to blow the many sounds.
For Chanukah children learn how to squeez olives and make fresh olive oil to kindle the menorah. The also enjoy Chanukah theamed inflatables at a Chanukah wonderland
Participants learn about the Havdalah ceremony and create a braided candle and spice ball for their havadalah kit.
Over 6000 residence from across the GTA participate in the Jewish Unity event. The event is celebrated on Lag BaOmer with a unity march spectacular stunt show and amusement rides and games.
Children learn the innermaking of the Mezuzah process starting from the raw hide until the final writing of the Mezuzah.
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